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Real Estate Markets to Watch in 2017

When we read the different ranking and lists about states to live in, we all hope that we see our lovely state on the short list.  Well WE MADE IT on the list “Real Estate Markets to watch in 2017“. However, we are at the end of 2017, so I wonder if this turned out to be true with each city listed.

Places on the short list:

Austin, TX-this city has been up and coming for some time now, so this did not surprise me.  In 2015 this city was ranked fastest growing and it still continues to grow which also has a large tech scene that is contributing to this overall growth.

Wasatch Front, UT-this is the area north and south of Salt Lake City.  Besides one of the highest growth rates in the nation, it also has one of the highest birth rates.

Kokomo, IN-this city only has a population of roughly 50,000, but it had one of the highest appreciation rates in the first quarter of 2017. The city’s growth is highly dependent on the nation’s auto industry, therefore if we experience a slump in our overall economy (auto finance included) this will greatly affect this small city.

Northern I-25 Corridor, CO-this area has seen some success with a local tech scene.  In addition to recently having an influx in jobs available, this area has has some one of the lowest unemployment rates.

Bend, OR-this area continues to be on a lot of short lists. This area ranks high on best places to live, work and play in addition to being ranked the 6th fastest growing city in the US in 2016.

Phoenix metropolitan area, AZ-not too much of a surprise, but our lovely state made the short list for reasons we all already know.  If you are looking a buying or selling a house in AZ, we might want to follow what some of the tech gurus that are investing in the Phoenix area (ie-Bill Gates and Warren Buffet).