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10 Things About Real Estate Agents That Are Not True

Being new to the Real Estate world, I have to say when I came across this list I can somewhat with some of these items that are not necessarily true about Real Estate Agents:

  1.  Real Estate Agents make easy money
  2. Real Estate Agents are required to show homes to someone, even if they are not re qualified with a bank.
  3. Zillow is more accurate that a Real Estate Agent.
  4. Real Estate Agents make lots of commission!
  5. Real Estate Agents are a unnecessary evil
  6. Real Estate Agents are sleazy
  7. Real Estate Agents are uneducated
  8. Real Estate Agents want you to pay more for a home so the agent makes more money
  9. Real Estate Agents are just part timers or bored housewives
  10. All the Real Estate Agents wants from you is the deal

Unfortunately, these items listed are not true and a few of the items listed are more common than the others. For instance, Real Estate Agents make easy money.  That is far from the truth in the fact that first off, it is not easy to get licensed so you need to study hard and retain a lot of information. Secondly, there is a lot of leg work on some deals that requires an agent to do a lot of showing of homes and research, where the deal never pans out.  That cost in gas, time and any other expenses is not recuperated.

Real Estate Agents are not necessarily just part timers or bored housewives.  Unfortunately, getting started in the industry is very very challenging and does not just happen over night.  Therefore, many HAVE TO be part time in order to pay their bills.

Bottom line, being a real estate agent is a very gratifying position to do, however just like some other jobs, many people have misconceptions about the role.  In my case, helping people buy and sells their homes, is very rewarding and something I am very excited to see what my future holds with the industry.  I foresee and very long career path… and a happy one.