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Curb Appeal: A Big Deal With Selling Your Home

Phoenix Agent Magazine brought up some great information on home selling and curb appeal. As a person owning a home, I am a big believer of curb appeal. The idea of driving up into your home that you put so much love into, is key to feeling a sense of pride. I love feeling great … Continue reading

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Phoenix Among Top Metros For Relocation

It is no surprise and we have brought it up previously for business, but consumers are choosing Phoenix more and more to relocate. Phoenix Agent Magazine stated that according to the real estate site Redfin, that a majority of people searching outside their current area are from Seattle (to Phoenix). The number one relocation location … Continue reading

True Statement Tuesdays

True Statement Tuesday

STRANGE, but INTENTIONAL things happen!! Morgan’s first ever fun run for school was last weekend…………… her runner “number” randomly given was 139! You say what’s that mean??? “139” is a very significant number in our lives being that is the number of days she was in the NICU (I even tattooed it on my wrist)Yes, … Continue reading