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Honoring Our Veterans

Veterans Day is right around the corner and even if you are not a Veteran, this is a day to come together and honor those that have served! For everything that a Veteran has sacrificed for each one of us, having a day to celebrate them is the least we can all do!

AZCentral came up with 15 ways you can help to honor our Veterans in the Valley of the Sun!

Veterans Day Parade:

Where else would you want to be than outside in beautiful Arizona celebrating those that have served by watching a parade.  The great thing is there are many parades going in in various cities across the valley for you to enjoy.

Family Festival:

Feel like running out in this beautiful AZ weather?   This festival offers a half marathon or 5K and then fun times after to enjoy.

Flag Ceremony:

Have a flag that you would like to retire with other’s sacred Veteran’s flags  This is a great place to go to be a part of a ceremony that will honor Veterans and retire these flags.

Taste N Tribute:

This event out in Peoria is a gathering of Veterans and those that support Veterans to celebrate and enjoy live music, lots of food and plenty to drink!

No matter how you choose to spend your Saturday, you have to make sure and attend one of these great events to honor those that have served!  Thank you all who have served our Country and god bless you and your families!