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Why Snowbirds LOVE Arizona

Back when I moved to Arizona in 1984 from Michigan, our family was now joining our grandparents (who were snowbirds) who had been visiting AZ every winter.   My grandparents were like many other people who turned AZ into their part time home (snowbirding).  Why Arizona?

According to ARMLS, there are many reasons why so many people (alot of mid-westerners) made the decision to join us fellow Arizonians.

  1.  Arizona has beautiful weather– gotta be the number one.  Many people not only love the great weather, but the need the sunnier weather for some of their health conditions.  Arizona is perfect for that.
  2. There are so many things to do in Arizona-even if you are not a snowbird, Arizona is a great place to live because there is a lot of things to do.  Because of the nice temps we have here, many events chose to make Arizona a stop on their tour.
  3. The cost of living is very reasonable-the amount of money someone is going to have to dish out on living expenses is very very important on where they decide to spend their last years.  At this point in one’s life a regular paycheck is probably not happening, so finding a home in an area of the country, like Arizona, satisfies the desire to have a nice place to live but reasonably priced.  Arizona fits this requirement in many ways, therefore many come to Arizona to call part time home.  Then some turn being a snowbird into their permanent home.

Whether you live in the east coast or midwest… Arizona is a must when considering where to buy a house to potentially be a snowbird.  The great thing about Arizona is there are a lot of senior communities that have so many amenities for people that want to live here permanently or be a snowbird.