Family LIfe / True Statement Tuesdays

True Statement Tuesday

Becoming self aware is the first step in being a BETTER you!

I feel like I was able to start laughing at myself and learning how to be “better” when I learned to understand……..

I am not perfect.. I have challenges, I have room to grow!

There is no sense is denying any of this, because we are all not perfect. 🤪

Why not laugh at yourself…

Why not say I “suck at this” and it is OKAY!

Why not say this really really makes me happy and I want more? 😃

Have conversations with yourself, it’s normal to want to reflect on who and what you are about.

OR you can continue on being in denial and unhappy?

I choose having conversations with myself to be a better ME!

…..and i have conversations with Golden kitty cats, just sayin’

right Cheryl?