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Curb Appeal: A Big Deal With Selling Your Home

Phoenix Agent Magazine brought up some great information on home selling and curb appeal.

As a person owning a home, I am a big believer of curb appeal. The idea of driving up into your home that you put so much love into, is key to feeling a sense of pride. I love feeling great driving into my home and saying this is “my home”! That means putting a little extra love into things in the front yard that make the home look great.

This also applies to when trying to sell your home. If a prospective buyer is pulling up to your home to view, don’t you want them to drive up envisioning living there and that feeling of, this feels great pulling into the house? Therefore, when thinking of selling your home, one of the main things I will emphasize to a seller is not only de-cluttering INSIDE, but making the outside appealing.

There are a few simple things you can do to create a “better” curb appeal:

  1. Make sure your lawn is trim and if no grass, make sure weeds are all pulled.
  2. Over grown trees, bushes need to all be trim and well maintained.
  3. Exterior paint make sure it is not peeling or in bad condition.
  4. Make sure walkways and porch area is clean and possibly sprinkled with some nice flower pots that have fresh flowers.

A few simple things showing a clean fresh front yard is a great beginning for someone that is viewing your property.