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Arizona And Airport Noise

Those of you that live in Arizona know that we have a very large air force base (Luke Air Force Base) in the metro Phoenix area.  The base is physically located in Surprise, AZ, which is under 30 minutes from downtown Phoenix.  With this air force base there ar some disclosures that are required to show looking to live within 10 miles of the base.  According to, if you live 10 miles to the north, south or west of the base, and 4 miles east, you are required to receive noise disclosures.  So you say, what is this?

Living near an airport can be a huge advantage to those that are driving to it each day to work.  However, some are not living in the area because they are employed there, they chose the area because they liked a particular home.  To protect all those that are looking in the area, sellers are required to disclose when a home is located in a territory in the vicinity of a military facility.  This will protect those that might have been shopping to buy a house and at any one point they went to visit the home they did not hear any of the planes flying overhead.  This disclosure also states it is in a accident potential zone.

Just think, if you are not employed at the military base, or just moved here from another state, this is something positive to protect you and make you aware of where you are buying a home.  For some, this might change anything, however for others, it might change their might on want to buy that house.  Bottom line… when buying any home, do your research!!!!!!!  This is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, investments you are going to experience in your life!