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Arizona Is Becoming Such The Hub For Businesses

It seems like a regular thing that I am reading that this company or that company is either expanding their business in the Phoenix market, OR they are already in Arizona and are continuing to expand their presence here.  This is such great news for our economy in so many way.  AZ Central gathered a list of about 80 employers that are offering up to 24,000 new jobs to be filled!  Some of larger companies looking to hire are Amazon, American Express, Bank of America, Sprouts, and Starbucks. So why do we think that Arizona is continuing to win over businesses to AZ, or current companies seeing a larger opportunity to hire more?

Some of the obvious is that Arizona is a great place weather wise that people travel to to get away from cooler weather.  However, that doesn’t bring in the jobs.  Looking at the larger picture is what many companies are doing to entice them to set up shop here.  Things such as the pool of potential candidates is very strong here in AZ and the cost of living is very reasonable here, allowing huge opportunity for companies.

The great news about this ongoing increase in hiring in the valley, means in some cases some people moving to AZ.  This creates an additional demand for housing for these individuals in addition to those that already live here a potential need to buy a home.  This is where the real estate will benefit from this type of news.  I am excited to see the coming years of how this great valley builds up and all the different aspects that are affected.