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Spring is Here! Time to Plant SHOP!


If you are here in Arizona, you know we have been experiencing some funky weather with lots of wind, warmer days than cooler days, and just overall inconsistent weather trends………Well at least in my non meteorologist opinion.  However, we are officially in spring and it is time to get out and get some new plants for the season.  One really great area in the valley to look at stocking up on new plants is an area off Southern, between 24th Street and 40th Street.  The Phoenix New Times, points out these locations and a little bit more information about them to help you.

I don’t know about you, but I am hit or miss on having a green thumb, however I guarantee the staff at each of these listed locations will help you with your next plant planting afternoon.  Go check them out and GOOD LUCK!!!!!

Arid Solutions Nursery
3815 East Southern Avenue

Botanica at The Farm
6106 South 32nd Street

J & E Greenhouses
6421 South 26th Street

Maya’s Farm
6550 South 32nd Street

Nowell Tree Farm
6440 South 30th Street