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10 Bathroom Remodel Trends

As we all know there are certain parts of your home you can do home improvements on that will help you increase the bottom line value of your home.  One of them is remodeling your bathroom (s).  The DIY Network has 10 bathroom remodeling trends that I thought might be a good starting point, if you are looking at investing some dollars in your home.

  1.  Mediterranean-Inspired-This style reminds me of something that you would see in some of those nicer hotels we frequent, and it makes us feel warm and fuzzy.
  2. Smart Storage-One of the biggest things I see in some of the newer homes is a lack of storage.  Some of us really want to have a place where we can fit everything that is part of our day to day living. This type of bathroom style has storage storage storage!!!
  3. Classic whites-This is probably my favorite because you can incorporate a little bit of color, but have the basic bathroom in white.  BE AWARE if you have pets, it might not be the best idea because white will not stay white.
  4. Ease of use-Having the basics, without necessarily the fanciness, is something on people’s wish list.  This is ideal for those looking to have the basic amenities (maybe a little higher end that others) but not all the “extras” that require in their bathrooms.
  5. Three-dimensional tile-If you are wanting to mix it up a little with patterns and colors, this is the style to look into.  Who says you can’t mix two bold patterns/textures together in your bathroom??????
  6. Media & music-For all those high tech people out there, this is what you want because it will make you HAPPY day in and day out having all your technology “toys” with you in your bathroom.
  7. In-floor heat & towel warmers-We do not need this in our homes generally in AZ, however if your feet get cold easy, look at incorporating some of these items into that next bathroom you update.
  8. Deluxe showers-There is not anything left to the imagination with your next shower with this type of bathroom.  If it is available to be a part of your shower, you will HAVE to have it.
  9. A bold mix of lighting-These days you can have a simple bathroom with a splash of unique lighting fixtures!  Adding just some unique light fixtures could change a simple granite bathroom into a bold dream bathroom!
  10. Fire features-Who doesn’t like walking into a fancy hotel room and having a fire already going for your welcome.  That can be yours and even added to a simple bathroom to add that touch of resort feeling.

Don’t get me wrong, some of these ideas are a little over the top for some of us folks, however use sites like DIY Network and other Do-it-yourself websites to take pieces of the “idea” away to create your dream bathroom.  Ask yourself, what is important to me to have in my bathroom and what is a “want” (versus must have).