Home Improvement 101

Shipping Pallet to Headboard?

Now how cool is this?   Those of you that might not be too “handy” with tools, this one seems like a really easy to-do project.  Turning a shipping pallet into a headboard?  Who would have thought????   DIY Network of course!

How to:

  • Gather few required tools and 2-3 wood pallets
  • Break apart pallets
  • Determine how high you want it to be above your bed
  • Make legs
  • Layout legs
  • Add middle support piece & top plank
  • Secure and get rid of warpness on wood
  • Sand
  • Add some color if you want with some stencils and paint
  • Add clear coat & Sealer
  • Hang of attach to bed






Take a look at this article and try it!