Arizona Lifestyle

Where Are They Now?

I don’t know about you, but if you have lived in Arizona there used to be a great place to watch some  beautiful greyhound dogs racing.  The Phoenix Greyhound Park was a place you could go to and have some cheap entertainment, however with the increase scrutiny on animal cruelty, the dog park closed.  It has been a while since I thought about this track, however brought to life an article that made me remember this old gathering place for many.


However, the good news is is this park is, and has been, the home of the Park N’ Swap where we can go and enjoy the lovely outdoors, in addition to finding some great deals on items for our house, yard etc.  The other good news that I have learned is the dogs that were a part of this dog park (and some from other tracks) are a part of a rescue that places these greyhound dogs in wonderful homes.  On another note, if you want to still watch some dog racing you can watch at some of your local off track betting places.  Also, with this great AZ temps you can go and watch the horse races in Phoenix.  Turf Paradise is a wonderful place to take out of town guests where you can enjoy some outdoor activity in addition to seeing some gorgeous horses.  Venture out, you might just like it!