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True Statement Tuesday

When BUYING a home, PLEASE PLEASE do your due diligence! 💯

As a realtor, it is on us to HELP “direct” you to finding out things about the neighborhood, nearby amenities, schools, etc. But as the HOME buyer, you need to really look into things that are important to YOU, to make sure it works for you and your family. What’s wanted/needed for one person could be different for the next person.Case in point…. Home buyer bought house in 2010 and loved the neighborhood/area.Fast forward 13 years later, there is an active dispute with the neighbors and a detox facility that SOMEHOW got its facility right in the middle of the neighborhood. The Crossroads Inc. facility is within 50 feet of the nearest home, and about a 1000 feet from a SCHOOL!! Detox facilities, halfway houses, assisted living, AIRBNB are all a part of what is happening today in the neighborhoods. It does not mean we are against ANY of them because they 100% serve a purpose.Unfortunately, if you already own the home it is hard to then change things (and do you sell because of this and then have to move..WHY!?!?!?). However, if you are looking at buying a home you will want to make sure and do what you need to do to know YOUR future neighborhood. Myself and most are not against any of these facilities, but I am FOR a new homeowner knowing where they will be living. We MUST feel safe, confident and proud of the purchase of our new home. 🏠

*This is a recent news article addressing the issue that I want people to pay attention to so you can learn from this……/phoenix-neighbors-troubled…/

If you need guidance on resources for when you are looking at buying a home, this is a great resource to know where to look, and what to know about the process. Buyer’s Guide