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True Statement Tuesday

You can’t WIN, if you don’t PLAY…. The game of the LIFE that is

Throughout LIFE I have made some decisions that weren’t exactly the RIGHT decision to make…💯

However, without not always making the RIGHT decision, I have learned.

Learning from things that we did in our life, is what makes us who we are!

As I have gotten older, I have felt more comfortable is taking certain RISKS, because of the things I did in the past, wrong and right…

I’m actually proud I have fu**ed up! I would not be who I am today and have that confidence to try new things knowing I’ll be ok if it is not the “ best” thing for me.

Don’t just play the lottery, play the game of LIFE! You just might be surprised you can win & turn into a better version of YOU

Nope it’s not a million dollars, but it sure is a lot more smiles on your face!

I sure have a lot more smile wrinkles than years ago, and it’s OKAY! 😊