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The Benefits of Xeriscape – Save Water & Money!

If you havent already heard of xeriscape incentives from your local city government – you should look into it. There are programs that can help you save water and money. A recent article in the Phoenix Business Journal By Sydney Witte talks more about it:

The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation announced in August that deliveries of Colorado River water – the majority of which is used for agriculture – to Arizona would be cut an additional 21% next year.

According to the bureau, megadrought and low runoff conditions accelerated by climate change have resulted in record low water levels in Lakes Powell and Mead, the two largest reservoirs in the country.

Because of the cuts to Arizona’s water and the state’s climate conditions, homeowners should consider sustainable ways to use water, according to Warren Tenney, the executive director of the Arizona Municipal Water Users Association, an organization of 10 Valley cities whose website says protects its members’ water supplies “by ensuring laws and regulations support water resources sustainability enabling continued prosperity in the desert.” Read more HERE from the Phoenix Business Journal.