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There was a busier trend I experienced in the last few months, however in the last month or so I can feel how maybe people are just not buying and selling their home.  Is it because of the heat?  Are people waiting for the Phoenix market to slow down and not be a seller’s market?  Are people on vacation?  Either way, we hope to see the trend go back up here in the coming month. came out with some up to date stats on our Phoenix market.


$275K median listing price

$163/square foot average cost

$238K median sale price

5408 homes for sale

1307 homes for rent


Looking at these numbers they are moving in the right direction year over year.  So with us leaving the warmest average month in Phoenix, people might start getting out more to look at homes and attend open houses.  I think people are afraid of the heat.. well heck I know setting up an open house in this heat is a lot of work with setting out all the signs etc.  I too am ready for the heat to go away and for this Phoenix housing market to continue to head in the right direction.