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Final Walkthrough-Not A Waste Of Time!

shutterstock_65257957So the “day” is almost here for you to close on the dream home you just purchased.  However, you have so much going on up till closing, that you contemplate not doing a final walkthough of your future home.  This is NOT a good idea, find time!  In most cases, from when you first laid eyes on the home you were going to buy, and when you do the closing, it is at least 30 days or so.  Alot can happen to a house in that time, so it is important that you make sure you work with your real estate agent to do a final walkthrough BEFORE signing your closing documents. You can read Section 5 of the purchase contract that defines your rights.

Here are a few reasons why you do a final walkthrough:

  1.  Prevents any surprises when you walk into YOUR new home, compared to when you first made the offer to buy it.
  2. Allows you to make sure all the fixtures, and designated personal property identified in the contract,  are still in place right before you close.
  3. Allows you to identify any last minute questions you might have for the seller before communications are over (ie- operating alarm, garage door key pad etc).

So take the time to do the final walkthrough.  Think of it as your last chance to think of some decoration ideas, while the house is empty (hopefully), to envision where your furniture and stuff is going to go on moving day.