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Key Items To Watch When House Hunting

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Looking for a new home to buy can be overwhelming.  Trying to decide where to live, what size home you want and all the other MUST HAVES.  In order to try and keep in the know on the homes you are either attending open houses on, or those that your realtor are taking you to, pay attention to a few key items in the house:

  1.  Age of roof
  2. Foundation condition
  3. Condition of sewer or septic system
  4. Insurance claims history
  5. Noticeable water damage
  6. Age of wiring
  7. Age of windows

Some of these items you will not be able to know details about unless you ask the current home owner while touring or for your agent to look into the answers with some follow up calls to the home owner.  These items in addition to a list of “wants” is key to help keep you on target of finding the right home.