What Are You Afraid Of??

I don’t know about you but if I am in one spot for too long, I feel as though I go on auto pilot and do not challenge myself enough. Change for MANY MANY people is something that some just can not get used to, and I think this at some level can hinder some. Reading over an interesting article by a former coach at Google, pointed out some key things that help give you a career boost.


  1.  Create a “career map”
    1. As I like to say have a come to Jesus talk with yourself on what you want to do.  What do you do well, what makes you happy day in and day out?
    2. This could be something you do not only for your career, but for your personal life.  Define timelines to help you keep on track.
  2. Think of some personal and work projects you can start
    1. If work is not challenging you enough, try and think of things outside of work that will excite you and put your mind into.  This will help bring an overall positive aura about yourself that can then potentially transcend to your work life.
    2. Also, if work is not challenging enough, you could look at work and ask yourself maybe what can you get involved in up and beyond that will add some additional excitement into your day to day.
  3. Focus on the skills you would like to have- many many moons ago people stayed at their jobs for a VERY long time.  However, these days people do not, therefore when you are at your current position, look at new roles, tasks and skills you can learn that is going to help you in your future career.  Adding to your portfolio of knowledge will only help you nail that next job!
  4. Don’t stay stuck because of fear- this is one of the biggest things I am passionate about.  Don’t be that person that looks back years from now and says to yourself, “I wish I had done that”.  This could be related to work or your personal life.  Don’t be afraid to take chances and fall on your face.  THAT’S HOW WE LEARN!

Bottom line, don’t be afraid to chase what you want. Not all dreams come easy, but they come with a lot of hard work and determination! Life is only what you make of it!