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GREAT NEWS.. 1st TIME Home Buyers!

Gone are the days where you are required to put down 20% down in order to purchase a home.  Unless you had some unique benefit, such as working for a lender or bank, generally speaking you were required to put 20% down to get that dream home you wanted.  However, for many this was one of the biggest challenges of being able to purchase a home.  Now seems to be a different story!shutterstock_557988298

Lenders are now offering programs that allow qualified home buyers to buyer their first home with as little as only 3% down! According to Yahoo, With nearly 63 percent of millennial’s considering purchasing a home within the next two years, lenders know that such programs not only help eliminate barriers to qualifying for a loan and purchasing a home, they provide opportunities to form strong relationships with home buyers from the very start.” So what this means is you need to get out and start looking at your options with a trusted lender that will go over all the different options.  Home ownership might not be for everyone, but for those that had been trying to venture from renting, this might now be the time for you to get into that home of your very own.  There are so many benefits to owning a home such as a tax break, that this just might be that “right” time now to ask yourself… do I like the benefits of renting OR is home ownership for me?