First Impressions Matter

firstimpressionsWhether you are moving out of your house into your next home or staying in your home till it sells, there are some important things to prep for when looking at putting your home up for sale.  According to Springbokrealty.com here are some tips on the proper staging.

Make sure and enhance your curb appeal so those prospective buyers coming by, will have a great first impressions with things like fresh flowers, clean door mats and a well kept yard.

Make sure all your lighting is working and it is working in the right areas to enhance your homes great features.  For instance, open up the blinds and the curtains to allow the natural lighting to come in (yes this means that you have to make sure and dust because we all know that you will be able to see that nasty stuff in the natural lighting).

If you feel you do not have enough lighting around your house for things like open houses, go down to places like Target and get some more free standing lamps that will enhance your home during an open house in addition to future prospects going through it.

Some of us like to stay clear of tooooo many mirrors, however when you are trying to sell your home it is a good idea to add some additional mirrors to those smaller rooms that will look quite a bit larger with some added mirrors in them.  IF you have some “unique” paintings, maybe this is also a great time to replace them with some basic mirrors that will appeal to more buyers potentially.

We all know that the kitchen is probably the number one thing home buyers look at when looking to purchase a home.  In order to appease these prospects, replace things like knobs and handles on your kitchen cabinets.  This is a simple inexpensive way to change the look of your outdated kitchen.

Do you have hard wood floors and some lovely area rugs covering them up?  When trying to sell your home, let’s go ahead and remove them to show off those shiny babies!

Future home buyers like to envision THEIR furniture in the home that they will ultimately buy.  With this thought, go ahead and keep the dining room table set up in addition to the place settings.  This means tablecloth, unique simple plates and possibly a nice centerpiece.

I don’t know about you, but I am huge on the smell of a home.  Walking into a home where you can smell how old the furniture and fixtures are in the home, is not going to make the future home buyer scream I want to buy this house.  Therefore, let’s bake some cookies before you do an open house AND/OR make sure and have some scented accessories (plug ins, candles, potpourri, etc) around the home.

Some of us are pack rats and some of us are not.  In order to make your home the most presentable, make sure and clear out any excess personal items from the home that will allow the future home buyers to be able to envision being in the home easier.

None of know exactly who is going to be the person that will be purchasing your home.  There are so many wonderful attributes to your home, that in reality it could attract so many different types of buyers.  Therefore, make sure and keep the decorations simple and potentially attractive to any type of buyer.

Finally, let’s try and make that simple tiny little bathroom look that much better by decorating it with white.  I love white myself, but like many of you having animals or children does not make that very smart.  However, when showing your home it helps to make the bathroom nice, clean and fresh.  Just make sure and keep Fido and the kids OFF the clean rugs!