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Phoenix Among Top Metros For Relocation

It is no surprise and we have brought it up previously for business, but consumers are choosing Phoenix more and more to relocate. Phoenix Agent Magazine stated that according to the real estate site Redfin, that a majority of people searching outside their current area are from Seattle (to Phoenix). The number one relocation location … Continue reading

Ready to Buy / Understanding Your FInances

Are You Utilizing Your VA Loan Benefits?

For those of you that we proudly commend for serving time in our USA military, you have an unbelievable benefit that many do not take advantage of.  Being a member of the US Military (former and present) you have a benefit offered by the government that allows you to purchase a home (with less qualifications … Continue reading

Ready to Buy / Understanding Your FInances

Paying Extra On Your Mortgage is GOOD!

For many of us, making our mortgage payment is the “main” bill we deal with and we want to throw some extra money towards our biggest payment.  The good news is, it does help!  Take a look here at how it benefits you. Couple Key points:  Consistent payments help lower your overall amount you pay … Continue reading